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Beauty comes from within, and everyone has their own beauty but some just don't know how to show it. I want to help those who are struggling find their way out of their own shell, and learn that you are beautiful no matter what anyone says.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


As if some days were just like any other. But this day seemed to be the most climaxed for her. Days without stress, days without any human soul compressing the utter mind of a teenage body. Days like these were the ones she lived upon. She was what you would call a perfect person in such a difference. Perfect in the fact that she was beautiful, without the make up and the clothes, beautifully contained and in such a way broken. Her personality was ecstatic. She was out-going, yet shy. She was cunning, but hesitant. She was artistic, but held in tight. She was anything and everything a man could ever ask for, but were most of them too blind to see the devil behind the most wanted? Or were they just too afraid to actually know the meaning to a true honest relationship other then what they see or don't see. You could say she was invisible, invisible to most people around her. But uncommonly dose she know she was more than vivid to there other half of society. Somehow, she was a picture more vivid than an intense visual image laid before one's eyes. She was perfect.
Perfect in our terms, is something we relate to as being a being with no flaws or mistakes. Nothing has come wrong to this figure. But what if, what was perfect was the largest mistake? What if being perfect was to have such flaws and doubtful characteristics? What if being perfect was to be just like her? She, is the object of any dream. She is the dream we want to live, she is the person we want to be. But she dosen't know herself, to even figure out the facts that cause the world around her to focus on such a magnificent artwork such as herself. Do you know what it's liked to be loved like her? Do you even know what it's like to feel the affection and the emotion? What she feels, expresses is what makes her so different. Does making you perfect, mean having not the feeling to love, but to only accpet? She's loved, loved by all. But what dose love mean? What dose she have that we don't , why can't we have what she has? Like every love story alive, evertything ends up for the best. If she's so perfect, then why not to her best? Maybe this is because love doesn't deal with the beholder, but with the ones who carry and cherish it.
So being what has been stated, is she perfect ?

This is a retake of my life..

I thought you were the "one" but after realizing all the sh1t we have been through in the end you were never there with me. You went behind my back and played me like i was a game, well I want you to know that, I knew this was coming and I was ready for it. I knew what kind of person you were, behind those innocent eyes lies and a fire that is burning, burning with flesh. You take in flesh to keep that fire burning, but one day your source of energy won't be there for you to feed on anymore and eventually that fire will die out. When it does, don't come running to me because I've try to help you but you won't listen so it's just useless telling you anything. You once said that it's useless lying and in the end the truth will come out.

So why is it that you've contradicted yourself and fell in the trap that you knew was there? Why would you say something and do another? You can't even argue that, that's not true because then you would be falling in the trap all over again. The truth is, you're a
hypocrite and YOU know it. Think you can hide behind others and hope that they will take the blame for your mistakes ? Well hunny, wake up and smell the roses, this is the real world, not your fairytale story. In this world you can't trust no one. And YOU yourself have proven that to not only me but everyone around you. I remember you telling me about how you hate people who are like this. So does that mean you hate urself? Ha. I guess the only person you should hate and want to go after is yourself NOT anyone else. I've been watching your every move and frankly it's really sad to know that every step you've taken is the same steps you've taken in the past. Everything that you do is just repetitive. Why is that? Is it cause you think no one has caught up to your level? Or is it just that you don't have any other moves?

Well imma do you this favor and stop playing this game of yours, because we all know who lost. Let's break the ice and revel that "secret" of yours. People won't sympathize your innocent eyes for long because what's inside of you is a cold black heart that has expired. -it's rotten and dead, same goes for your brain. No wonder you don't have common sense but then again you can commit an evil deed without feeling guilt or remorse, but you know what they all say, those kinds of people who seek attention, striving to be first place end up last. What now? can't face it? Now that someone knows your true identity? Your most biggest secret that you've been hiding not only from everyone but yourself ? Just face it, your lies have taken over you and now it's to late to turn back. This is not a  mistake anymore, it's a habit. A habit that you can overcome but it will take a lot of hard work and time. Whatever you chose it's ur chose now. I can't control ur actions. But I did try helping you after all the pain you've burden me with. It's time for me to let go of you, tho I prayed that this day would never come, but life moves on right? I can't keep dwelling in the past and hoping that everything will be back to normal that you'll come back. Cause then i'll be in denial and just lying to myself. But I want you know that I'll never forget you and through that cold, dark heart of urs there lies a light that's just waiting to shine. Unfortunately I couldn't be that person to set it free. I hope the best for you this will be my last goodbye.
sometimes you gotta run away,
so you can see who will run after you.
sometimes you gotta talk quieter,
just to see who's listening.
sometimes you gotta step up in a fight,
just to see who's standing by your side.
sometimes you gotta make a wrong decision,
to see who's there to help you make it right.
sometimes you gotta let go of the one you love,
just to see if they love you enough to come back

Monday, 28 March 2011

You're Part of the List.

 Ever since we met, I can't stop thinking about you. You showed me that there's more then meets the eye. You told me to never give up on my dreams, to not give up on life and to have faith. You showed me the world. I always have been the negative one about this world, how cruel it can be and to never trust anyone. But when I saw how you see the world, it doesn't compare to what I saw. I tried to dig deeper to see if I can see what you see. I wanted to see the world through your eyes. Baby, would you let me see? Would you open up your heart for someone new to walk in? I'm warning you, once I walk in, I'm never coming out again because, as long as I'm with you; it feels like heaven.
As long as I'm by you, nothing can get in the way of it's purity. Nothing can get in the way of us. That's right, I said it- "us," "you and I" will become one. However, before that can happen, show me that I won't regret walking into your heart. Prove to me baby because I'm still naive with my heart.
"When you're close I can't breath,
I can't find the words to speak, I feel sparks.
But I don't want to be into you,
if you're not looking for true love.
No, I don't want to start seeing you if I can't be your only one.
So tell me, when it's not alright, when it's not okay;
will you try to make me feel better, will you stick with me forever,
or run away?"
Tell me that I'm going to complete your list, because I already put you on mine. You are everything I wanted, you are just perfect. To me you are now my world. So don't let me down.
Boy I think I'm falling for you..

There's always 3 sides to a story , your's - his , and the truth

If you call him, he says your needy and clingy. if he calls you, he says you should be grateful. if you don't love him, he’ll try to win you. if you love him, he’ll leave you. if you don’t fuck him, he’ll say you don’t love him. if you do, he’ll say your easy. if you tell him your problems, he’ll say you irritating. if you don’t, he’ll say you don’t trust him. if you lecture him, he’ll say your annoying. if he lectures you, it’s because he cares for you. if you drink, you’re bad. if he drinks, he’s just hanging out. if you hurt him, you’re a bitch again. if he hurts you, it’s because you’re so hard to understand. if you break a promise, you can’t be trusted. if he breaks it, he had to. if you cheat, you expect it to be over. if he cheats, he expects to be given another chance.

Face it, he's just a fuckin asshole that treats you like his bitch and not his treasure.
Honestly boys open up you're chicky eyes and see that we LADIES, aren't your toys that you just play around with when you want to and then leave when you're bored, we're not your pet rats that you can put us in a cage and say "okay, the last one standing wins me" We're not a wall that you can break and then just repair it up. We're not skittles that you can just pick what colour you want to eat everyday. We're not a bag that you can just put all your bullshit in.

We're your fuckin sunshine that lights up your day, we're a diamond that you can never replace, we're a star that grants you one wish, we're the ocean that you can always jump into. We're the heaven's gates that keeps you in place. and MOST OF ALL, we are your heart that keep you alive.

So the next time you assholes ever want to bitch at us for something stupid and treat us like shit remember all the things i just said above, cause the moment we leave you, you're gonna be left with nothing. You don't know what you have..until it's gone <-- don't make us do that in order for you to remember how to treat us and APPRECIATE all the things we give you. IF A LOCK DOOR SHUTS, IT'LL NEVER BE ALE TO OPEN AGAIN.

"If you can't put up with my shit then why are you still here?"
Why? Maybe because we fuckin hate love you that much to stick around and put up with everything you hit at us.

At the end of the day, if he's still that asshole and can't make you smile.... DUMP HIM (Y) :)